Hiding In The Grass

Weevil on a bramble branch

It’s been so cold and wet, with few of the flying insects around. Hiding in the long grass this little weevil would have been missed, had I not been bored. The single glimpse of a dragonfly disappearing over the hedge and a newly emerged speckled wood butterfly feeding on bramble flowers were the only winged varieties to be seen.

Last year at this time, around this very spot along a bridle way known as Bishop Bennett’s Way, there were lots of newly hatched butterflies feeding in the warm sun-rays. Maybe they will come out later in the month – I hope so.

There is always something else to see; namely this funny little creature. Not being a 100% to the identity, as there are hundreds of different species, I’ve concluded it is a kind of nut weevil. Who his smaller companion is I haven’t a clue, though obviously the young of something with a proboscis.