An early spring visit to Ness Gardens

Bunbury Church

Bright Pink Heather

Greeted by bright clusters of heather - both of us fighting to keep still!

It is the beginning of March and today is high tide. The estuary seen below from the gardens, is swollen with water.
'White Perfection' Heather

Bunbury Lock

Violent spring winds are blowing across. Howling though the evergreen treetops scattered beside the lawns. Thin broken branches lie below - victims of its strength.

Across the lawn

Two owls watch from the sidelines, silent, their wings carved in wood.

 rhyme traveller bud

Magnolia Bud

The first magnolia buds thrown about on bare branches. While elderly snowdrops nestle in sheltered areas.

Daffodil heads dance to the incessant tune.

Narcissus 'Ice Follies'

 rhyme traveller bud

Chinese Rhubarb

Chinese Rhubarb leaves are starting to emerge, rich red colour adding warmth to the emptiness of the surroundings.


Like a growth themselves, digging implements stand stake-like at intervals along the pathway. Soil has been turned over. Fresh brown mounds visible between naked branches and clumps of hellebore stems, while bushes flush with fresh green shoots watch from behind.

Beeston Castle


Sheltered the pale yellow primrose petals enjoy the interlude of sunshine. Almost reminiscent of a warm summer evening heads, trumpet-like, are absorbing its rays.