My First PD Physio

Having been successfully referred to a local centre that specialises in therapy for those with neurological diseases, I booked in to my first group physio session.

Being the only woman with seven other men plus the male physiotherapist did not bother me. I enjoyed their sense of humour. Introductions over one person asked how PD affected me – everyone has different symptoms but other than that there were no questions because we were all ‘in it together’.

I have had physiotherapy over the years at the local nhs hospital for one or other of my limbs. Not that anyone knew I had Parkinson’s then. Nor do I really know now whether some or all of those problems are part of the condition.

Everything went reasonably well, despite the limited movement in my left arm due to a combination of pain and muscle stiffness. Until we undertook an exercise for coordination of arms and legs together. I ended up laughing at myself rather than feeling awkward or self conscious (as I probably would have done at a general session). It was as though my arms and legs did not know how to move as requested; I felt a bit like one of those puppets with stings that have got all tangled up – legs and arms going all ways.

Even so by the end of the hour I felt a sense of achievement – at least I had made a start! Plus I now had a better idea of what needed to be worked at.