From Bud To Leaf

stow maries
stearman stow maries
Beeston Castle

The horse chestnut tree leaves erupting from their notably huge buds.
This one having been chopped right back before winter, as part of a hedgerow.

On the opposite side of the hedging is a meadow with trees, wetland grasses and clumps of yellow marsh marigolds.
The constant downpours during autumn and winter created huge pools of water in these marshy fields.

Beeston Castle

The ash tree is unusual in that it produces its flowers before the leaf buds.
These two images show the female flower before pollination and after.

The oak tree is ablaze with fresh green colour in the spring.
Its leaves still small but perfectly formed.

The scene below includes oak trees not quite as advance.
The leaves only recently opened have a more yellowy tone.
This is on 'Raw Head', part of the sandstone trail, where these deciduous trees are open to the cooler winds.

Beeston Castle