Saturday 30th May 2020
The weather has been so hot these last few days. Not that I am complaining. It is lovely, better than all the rain we had over the autumn and winter months. A bit too warm for walking during the day though. So late afternoon I ventured down what is locally called The Old Lane; a bridle way that cuts through the zoo. Not that much other than vegetation can be seen from here.

Cool enough for the insects to raid the bramble flowers for pollen, but in the direct sun it is only just tolerable. If I were a lot younger it probably wouldn't bother me as much. It's good to get a dose of vitamin D - especially under current circumstances, and there is no better way than sunshine.

At the moment the bees remind me of insects in Thailand where they are so fast taking photos is a hard job unless having a camera with continual shooting mode. Then it is a hit and miss as they move from one location to another with such speed.

There wasn't really much to see down the lane. The sparrows were chattering away and they too were not going to settle long enough out in the full sun. I can't blame them, it's far too pleasant in the shade of the bushes and trees.

Back home I noticed a variety of bees on a bush they love every year. It's blossom must have very attractive nectar and one day I will find the time to research its name. At the moment I'm having a lot of difficulty with a caterpillar I photographed last Friday. It resembles a certain variety but there are differences. The trouble is caterpillars have instars - which means they shed there old skins for new larger ones.  Some change quite considerably during this process, while others do not.