27th December 2020
My first day of venturing out since Christmas eve. There's an icy beeze heralding the clouds. I can see them forming in the distance, over the mountains of North Wales. A darker strip, preceeded by wispy white filaments, gradually begins to cover the pale blue sky.
Despite being patient, my plan to photograph a robin or bluetit close up has come to nothing. Though a flock of crows have kept me entertained. Like a murmeration they gather high in the far off trees. Then without warning swoop down on to the field below. The sheep, showing not interest in their activities, continue to eat.
Suddenly above, two buzzards, wings outstretched, circle - before heading back the same way they arrived. Through a gap between a small field of long, lanky trees, and a nearby hedgerow.
Amongst the prolific ivy berries I spy a solitary ladybird, that bright red wing shell revealing its location. The sun's rays maybe slightly warm, but I'm surprised to see this little creature out in such cold weather. Returning an hour later, there's not a sign of it to be seen.