Sunday 19th July 2020
What a suprise! The most wonderful experience happened today; a female Southern Hawker dragonfly decided to over night in our front garden!

She was absolutely stunning, with her green and brown colouring. I would never have noticed her had I not seen her flying low down across the lawn. She then swooped low to take up position hanging from a small branch of a tree-like plant that is in a large pot.

At first we thought she may have been hurt, as she did have a piece out of one wing. Looking up on the British Dragonfly site - it seems they can fly perfectly well if they are even missing a wing. So a small piece shouldn't do any long term damage.

Then we though she maybe unwell. Possibly she'd been in a fight. It was all guess work.

Whatever the reason, there she hung all evening, right through to the following afternoon, when the sun came around to heat up the air.

It had been a pleasure to see her up close. So many times I've been frustrated at not being able to photograph such magnificient creatures, but now I finally had the chance.