14th January 2021
Here we are at the beginning of a new year. Not a lot has changed, despite hopes for an end to this Covid pandemic.
But we have to keep our chins up and look to a brighter future.

Yesterday, the weather was wet, to say the least. Yet, there was something quite fascinating about it. We often don't truly observe what is around us. During the morning the clouds got lower. All that remained to be seen were bare-branched trees, gradually disappearing into the haze.

Just like last winter, there's been so much rain that places not usually under water are. Down a lane close to where I live, there is a puddle which has grown and grown. Now it stretches from one field across to another on the opposite side. On Tuesday, I watched as cyclists carefully rode their way through the centre. Another walker rolled his trouser legs up over his knees before venturing forth. Cars, vans and school buses plowed their way through; the water rising in huge waves either side of them.

High above a flock of redwings flew over, diving into the trees and bushes further along the lane. These birds which resemble thrushes often spend winter here. These species have passed this way for over forty years or more, but it's the first time I have actually captured an photograph of one (high in a tree). Not being an authority on birds by any stretch of the imagination, either my husband or books confirm what they are. It's handy have someone around whose been interested in these feathered creatures since a child.

Well, time to finish for now.