Saturday April 11th 2020

It's evening time, the whole day has been almost like a glorious summer day. Yet again I decided to return to the canal banks. The sun slowly making its way down to the horizon; to disappear below until the morning.
Surprisingly the water is covered in parts by a green film, which looks as though it has collected twigs and rubbish thrown from the towpath. Lying on the surface like a pale green oil slick, from a distance it resembles a delicate turquoise sheet of ice. The blue hue of the sky reflects upon this surface as the sun begins to disappear behind the willow trees.

I continue walking towards the sun itself. Following the curve of the canal as its final warm rays illuminate the occasional newly formed leaves in the hedgerow close by. A blackbird sits watching from his perch on bare tree branch in the field on the opposite side of this barrier. Two cyclists pass, vanishing into the shadows ahead.
This time of the day reminds me of Persephone, goddess of vegetation and the underworld. Abducted by Hades and taken into the depths of his dark lands to make her his wife. Originally named Kore, she lived with her mother Demeter - goddess of the harvest.
So upset was she at her daughter's kidnapping, Demeter brought winter upon the earth. As no crops grew, the gods decided that Persephone should spend two thirds of the year with her mother and the remainder as Hades wife. Spring is the time she reappears. All too soon as autumn passes, she returns to be by his side.
I stop to watch as the pale golden orb hovers just above the horizon. The now clear waters below reflecting its form. A silhoette of a duck swims toward me.  The coolness of night begins to decend; time to go home.