10th October 2020
Computers! A few days ago I wrote a piece directly into this page and when I returned not a thing here. That will teach me not to keep a copy separately! I thought a new month and maybe not so much could go wrong....leaving aside covid.

Anyway to bring you up to date with my outdoor adventures. September was full of writing, car problems and my husband's birthday - not that we could celebrate even if we had wanted to. I've also been trying all types of foods to use up all the apples from our tree. Apple and blackberry pies, stir-fries and a new one for me - apple strudel. I find baking very relaxing.

I've still managed to fit in time for exercise. Health is too important not to. Due to limitations on travel until the starter motor is replaced, I haven't been able to undertake some of the more strenuous routes up on the sandstone ridge. Despite this there has been plenty so see along the country lanes locally.
Although it is currently closed for the widening of the towpath, I managed to walk along my usual route along the canal just a few days prior. I must admit to being somewhat surprised at the lack of mallards. Two moorhens treading across large clumps of green plants floating on the water, but not a duck in sight. My only assumption is they do not like the disruption caused by the large vehicles preparing for the work to be done.

At this time of year there isn't a lot happening down here nature wise. The water is calm. The odd angler with his fishing rod dangling in the hope of catching something. There are plenty of fish but I think they are wily creatures for there's been little sign of one being caught. Often seeing their vague shapes glide out of reach to areas further upstream. Once in safe waters they leap out for fresh flies, before diving back down.

Toadstools have appeared under old trees in one particular section. Their umbrella forms on top of long slim stems. One stands out from the rest - pale in colour its presence reveals the others trying to blend in with the autumn browns. The willow trees are starting to lose their leaves. All withered in form as they hit the ground. Some are goat willow, which produce the pussy-willow catkins. Further along the seeds of long grasses wave endlessly in the breeze.