Momday 6th July
Returning to a country lane which I thought had previously been decimated by the farmer cutting the verges back, I was more than pleasantly surprised at how well nature had revived!
There were even a few new buttercup plants on one side. Their bright yellow heads dancing in the breeze; what a welcoming site.

Butterflies were back in good numbers. A comma and small tortoishell up at the top end close one of the entrances to the farm. This is where I had previously seen hundreds of caterpillars on the nettles. Obviously this tortoishell had been successful in pupating, with her bright orange and browns edged in sky blue.
The comma was equally as brightly attired in her orange colours, having newly hatched.

There are so many red soldier beetles around the other end of  lane, I can't count them! They tend to like the cow parsley type plants. The cow parsley has actually gone over and only brown skeletal remains stand in places not reached by the farmer's cutting implements. The hogweeds all appear to be in seed now, some tinted in a reddish purple.

The ladybird larvae have either all pupated or been victims of the vegetation massacre. The white butterflies love the nectar of the small headed thistles.

The best of all - for the first time I've seen a butterfly that I didn't know of - the Ringlet. Very similar to other browns but they have little rings around the dots on their wings.