Saturday April 25th 2020
Yesterday had been a very warm day; the first time this year that I actually felt comfortably warm. Never being one for liking the cold, in recent times I find it difficult to regulate my body temperature. Whether it is a symptom of Parkinsons or just aging is debateable. Probably a bit of both.
Today is again warm but there is a gentle breeze, cool enough to keep wearing trousers as I head out into the countryside.

Hundreds of long black flying creatures are around sections of the hedgerows. Seemingly flying in a peculiar manner, these hawthorn flies are quite sluggish at flying. This is probably because their large back legs visibly dangle down beneath them, slowing their progress.
Also known as St. Mark's flies in view of the fact that large numbers they are often seen on the wing around St Mark's Day on 25th April. What a co-incidence as today is that very day!
I was going to say it was a bit spooky, but with various unpleasant spectral associations given to the eve of this day I don't think I will!

Despite they don't bite or sting, I'm not overly keen on them. I don't like anything along those lines flying around my head, especially daddly-long legs (craneflies). Which probably stems from a budgie landing in my hair as a small child, but that's another story.

Nearing the end of my hour long walk I realise a pair are actually mating on the road. They didn't seem in the least bothered as my camera was thrust up close. An ideal time to study them, I could tell that the one closest to me was a male. He was the one with the very big eyes - well certainly large compared to the tiny ones of the female.
It brought a well-known nursery rhyme to mind, but in a new setting.
“What big eyes you have?”
“All the better to have seen you with my dear.”