Our World of Colour

Bunbury Church

Peacock Butterfly

This was taken one summer's day down a country lane in the  little village of Erbistock.
A large buddleia bush was absolutely covered in these wonderfully bright coloured butterflies.
Mystical Blue Bell

Bunbury Lock

Autumn Shades at Ness Gardens

Is this autumn or a hot summer? I cannot remember
It could have been August, or maybe September.

Want to see more of Ness gardens? Then visit one of two my walks there.
Early spring 2020 and a few years previously in summer.
Conkers in Bulkeley Wood

Although it is frown on these days, during my childhood we always played Conkers. This was done to see who could crack open the conkers belonging to opponents. So below is a little poem I created about creating a winning conker.
I must admit it could be painful when it was your hand or wrist that got hit instead with their conker!

Rich in chestnut colour and quality of sheen
they really are the best that I have ever seen.

Drill a little hole and stick a thread through
but keep for at least a year is my advice to do.
For if you want to play and then to win it too
this needs to be the hardest or you'll be in a stew.

In the olden days the conker was a snail
but now I deviate for that's another tale.

Make a sturdy knot at the bottom of the thread
Just look at it now - a real thoroughbred!

 rhyme traveller bud

A Winter Rose

In the beauty of a late autumn morn, when Jack Frost has been and left his sprinkling of what is to come.

Snowdrops in the early morning light
 rhyme traveller bud

Blanket Flower

I have no idea how this Gaillardia 'Fanfare' came to have such a common name - it definitely does not resemble a blanket!

Though apparently the blanket flower got its name as the colour were like that of traditional textile patterns of American Indian blankets.

Koi Carp And Water Lily

Koi Carp and Water Lily

Not quite sure where this was taken as it was many years ago, but I believe it was at Stapeley Water Gardens outside Nantwich which has long been closed.

Beeston Castle

'Micky Mouse' Tulips

I was so taken with these; their bright yellow and red colouring jumping out saying "we're over here!"