The Great Escape

Appearing out of nowhere
A sheep she found her way,
Down the road to Chester
On an early summer's day.

Trying the most direct route
That took her down a hill,
A lady who was gardening
Came at her with a will.

Sending her into a garden
So she was off the road,
Because she could be flattened
Just like a fur covered toad.

Then later she sneaked out
And made a dash again.
All this running and hiding
A good job there's no rain.

Soon she managed to find
Another path leading down,
Thinking it was the right one
to lead her into town.

Alas it only took her
Into a nearby graveyard.
With lots of lovely grass
She'd have to be on guard.

So busily munching away,
For now she was feeding two
The farmer went unnoticed
Until he came right in view.

Soon she was on his truck
And straight back to the farm,
Where there was a safe place
Somewhere free from harm.

copyright of Lesley Howard