Along the coast on the Wirral Peninsular situated in the north west.
Historically in Cheshire, now the top two thirds are part of Merseyside.

stow maries


The tide has gone out
and the boats they lay bare
there's nothing to do
but to stop and to stare.
The sand are still sodden -
barely covered at all.
Channels of water linger
at nothing but a crawl.
stearman stow maries


Not a caw to be heard
even from an estuary bird.
The tide has gone out
no fishermen sit about.

Seagulls - they have taken off
finding somewhere else to scoff.

As I stand and watch this scene
one thing that can be foreseen
is of the waters returning in
back here to their origin.

A coast path leads down to the sand.
There we find the River Dee
flowing out into the sea.

Its colours of blue are from the sky.
Down below rocks are strewn
lying together - forming a dune.

Footprints and seaweed lie alongside
soon to be taken into the wind;
to other places they are destined.

Beeston Castle


A graveyard of boats
sitting along on the verge.
Once afloat on the seas
today non of that urge.
They still have a beauty;
a reminder of time past
with a skull and crossbones
hoisted up on the mast.
Now beneath a dark sky
paint all bitty and worn,
with the wind and the rain
lashing wood - oh so torn.

Parkgate Estuary

I recall when this place had waters close by.
Not like it is now, with grasses so high.
We'd perch on the wall to watch tides come in,
eating fresh prawns with a fork and napkin.
The smell of the sea still filled the air,
at only aged eight there wasn't a care.
The place to go on a Sunday afternoon.
Ice-cream in hand and a bright balloon.
You'd even get chips at the frontside cafe -
much better to warm if the day was more grey.

I'd go with my grandmother who knew it of old.
When ships came to port with ladies so bold.
Umbrellas held high to cover their skin
smelling of perfumes from rose to jasmine.

Today it's still popular, though not for the boats
but to see the lines of its wonderful coast.
The hen harriers that frequent at times of the day
and other such birds give a wonderful display.
Beeston Castle

Sunset at Parkgate

The sun sets behind grey evening cloud,
covering it as though a silky shroud.
All quiet beneath the yellowing light
Soon falls cool darkness that is night.
Then the moon will takes its place
brightly shimmering like a face.