Stow Maries WW1 Aerodrome near Maldon in Essex

stow maries

Boing Stearman

The past comes alive
as through the sky you dive.
Swirling upside down
over the fields and town.

Your name is Stearman
I could be your fan.
To be up there with you
what a magnificent view.


Like a giant wasp in yellow and black
you trundled along, no need of tarmac.
Now you are on the ground
making not a single sound.

stearman stow maries

Stearman Engine

I cannot resist looking up close
now you are quiet and all at rest.
Your engine before me so big and round
a bit like bee or a fly, but here on the ground.

The Sorcerer

Dressed in demonic black
that befits your very name.
You are called the Tiger Moth
and flying is your fame.

With seating that's for two
just made for those to train.
Or airborne with the pilot
nostalgia people gain.


A beautiful day
one of years gone by
when this SE5A
over Essex did fly

Now it sits on the aerodrome.
This has become its second home.


The Memorial

Here at Stow Maries
beside the estuary breeze,
a memorial standing proud
drawing around it a quiet crowd.
Reminding us of those that went
and of those lives that were spent.

Ones who died for their country
forever remaining in our memory.