Ness Gardens are situated in the Cheshire side of the Wirral Peninsular.

stow maries

'Gardeners Question Time' tent at Ness Gardens

Lying aside the estuary, trees and flowers abound,
with colour and beauty that doesn't need a sound.

Pathways that flow from the top to the bottom.
Taking visitors into gardens full of nature's blossom.

In the warm summer sun entertainment is found.
Chatter and laughter drifts across the ground.

Gardener's Question Time is here just once a year.
Answering all those queries, met with rows of cheer.

From season to season there is so much change,
from a wintry snowdrop to the summery range.

Then autumn arrives full of orange and red.
Soon the leaves on the ground they will be dead.

Still they have workshops or wedding day events
And if it is raining they're under the tents.

Then all remains quiet winter is once more.
Everything it sleeps as snow covers the floor.
stearman stow maries

Ornamental Garden

A humped backed bridge;
flowers around a water source.
Blue irises stand shouting loud
even though they are in a crowd.

An ornamental garden,
the trees a hedge behind.
To view its vibrant glow
to Ness gardens you must go.

James Wong and Bunny Guinness

Presenting a talk
all shimmering red,
Bunny and James
Oh! What was said?
Talking of flowers
and what gardeners do
then giving good tips
on how to rescue.

I had a rose question -
a variety now old.
To take a large cutting
is what I was told.
Best in the autumn
when flowers had gone
in fresh rooting compound
was the way to be done.
Beeston Castle

A place to shade

Giving the impression of heat
this hut gives a shaded seat.
Around it ferns are colourful
they make a scene that is not dull.
But is it summer or an autumn day?
It really is difficult to remember I'd say!

Inside the shady hut

Not a soul is here on this day
too cool even for children to play.
Beeston Castle

Rudbeckia Fulgida

Petals that stretch out
from a bulbous centre.
Willing with colour
an insect to enter.

Attired in a sundress
of brightly coloured yellow.
Radiating from the centre
catching a flying fellow.

Standing with your neighbours
like ballerinas on the stage.
Now the passing audience
you are bound to engage.
Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on rudbeckia plant

Beeston Castle


You're easy to grow
and colourful too.
Brightening the garden
looking so new.

Originating from Mexico
you can be delicate or loud
One thing that is obvious
you stand out from the crowd.

Either sultry and deep
or light and airy,
your petals flutter
just like a fairy.

Look at your daisy face
dancing in the sun.
A magical performance
you have just spun.

Cosmos Patch