Bickerton Hill, Cheshire - part of the Sandstone Trail

Burton Mere

Sandstone Trail

A wood with silver birch
reaching towards the sky
standing there so erect
a silent army they imply.

Along the route that people walk
they make their presence known.
Without a word being said
we know how long they've grown.

When old and somewhat grizzled
those bumpy knots are seen.
Forming shapes that appear
as though from Halloween.
Canopy of Trees

Sitting on a fallen trunk
my eyes wander up high,
as the mottled sunlight
filters from the sky.

Oh! What mysteries
can be written here.
Of goblins and fairies
or things that we fear.

Home to the unseen;
insects and birds.
A place of inspiration
to put into words.

Opening with a view

A glade it opens wide
an ideal place for a hermit.
Not yet reaching the hill fort
that lies upon its summit.
So silent - full of peace
yet a view of all below.
One could watch the world
of farmers on the go.
Looking at the fields
there's not a sheep in sight
yet I can hear their voices
even at this height.

rhyme traveller - burnet butterfly

Kitty Stone

Following the path along
to parts now cleared of trees.
In the heat of the day
comes a welcome breeze.

A view around for all to enjoy
aside the open heath land.
Soon there will be bilberries
which children pick by hand.

It maybe cold and windy
upon a winter's day
but all is calm and sunny
when I came this way.

At the top of this ridge
Kitty's stone has pride of place
Dedicated to a much loved wife
so now a National Trust space.

rhyme traveller snail

A Fork In The Trail

Soon the way it changes
from sparkling sandstone grey
to one of glowing red
reminiscent of a holiday.
A signpost points my way
to Larkton Hill it says,
but soon my way is blocked
    and boldness often pays....

Beeston Castle

Someone else is using the trail!

...Cattle stand there watching 
then move off to the side
without a backward glance
they walk so dignified.

Then a dog comes chasing
no owners are nearby,
worried about their safety
I shoo it with a cry!

Beeston Castle

Sandtone Steps

A flight of sandstone steps
lead the way ahead
as though of a fairytale
or a spirit path instead.

An ancient route once taken
or maybe not so old.
Still it's used all seasons
in warmth and in the cold.

Along its sides all hidden
nature is at work.
For this is where the fungi
in this woodland lurk.

Beeston Castle

Another Path

Another pathway joins
along the route I've done.
Not as steep you see
as the Sandstone one.

It joins up from a car park
along the Goldstone Lane.
Should you want a path
that isn't so much strain.

View from Maiden Castle

The view across the Cheshire Plane is marvellous
despite the haze that obliterated  further away
for this was taken during the hottest summer's day.
rhyme traveller - burnet butterfly

The Rhyme Traveller at Maiden Castle

Walking poles in hand
I feel so grand
as the view around
is something to astound.

If you would like to join me on another part of the Sandstone Trail then try my walk through Beeston.
Though there is more to see than first impressions give!

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