Along The Riverbank At Erbistock

St. Hilary

Red sandstone with bells on high
your cross reaches up into the sky.
You look across at waters serene
as pollen and petals float downstream.
Parishioners inside you have always prayed
their loved ones in nearby graves are laid.
Sheltered entrances to your grounds
new life has made home in its mounds.
Gravestones leaning ripe with age
nestling amongst the saxifrage.
A caterpillar crawls, the bee comes to rest
then a nearby bird caws from its nest.
Like a parent you're there looking on
watching life as it's come and gone.
Along the Riverbank

The old stone house, a cat nearby
nothing to be heard but a buzzing fly.
How this beauty it does quiver
as waters flow in the nearby river.

Cumulus clouds hovering high
ready to blot the sun-kissed sky.
The birds they talk in frenzied fashion,
calling to each other, full of passion.

In this early summer air, all of life without a care.
Flowers gleaming oh so bright, adding to the eye's delight.
Beeston Castle


I see you at the gate just there
you stand upon to stop and stare.
Rotund with matching grey and browns
A chest of brightest red abounds.
Am I stopping your search for food?
Or are you in a singing mood?
Or is it a nest you have close by
and think that I may want to spy?
You never really let me know
for now you have decided to go.
The Boat Inn

Once a chain ferry
crossed over the Dee.
The seventeen century inn
still there to see.

Although extended
for food to eat,
some retaining history -
a place to meet.

Up the stones steps
in to the bar.
A quaint little room
- the best by far.
Beeston Castle

The Steps

Rickerty steps steeply climb
like an oldie worldie twisting vine.
No house to be seen above,
only crops, or a collared dove.
In isolation they do stand
by a river with no sand.

Was it just a smugglers way,
that could be used again by day?
In silence they wouldn't have to creep
only up top, to take a peek.
Even on a moon-lit night
easy keeping out of sight.