It is May 2020 and we are still in lockdown with Covid19. More of my May travels down a country lane.

Bunbury Church

Bracken Crozier

Ferns are a familiar sight in our countryside. From the lower sides of mountains, to verges along lanes.
I think this is a bracken fern, although not being an expert I could well be wrong in this assumption.

Here they are opening in the full glare of the early afternoon sun. Soon unfurling to reveal those familiar leaves.

Walking up the slopes of Moel Famau in North Wales as a teenager, I recall threading my way though dense patches of bracken during the summer months. They were nearly as tall as myself!

The hedgerow cranesbill adds a bit of colour to the mainly green background of a country lane at this time of year.

Quite delicate little flowers, not as brash as the buttercups, but still a creator of pollens for the mainly flying insects along the verges.

Hedgerow Cranesbill
Bunbury Lock

A bramble flower

There are so many insects that feed from the common bramble.

When you look at the size in macro it gives more of an impression as to what an insect may see. Unfortunately I couldn't get any closer to this one. Mmm...looking forward to its fruits later in the year!

Buttercups down the country lane

This summer plant stands out with its brilliant buttery colour.
 rhyme traveller bud

Briar Rose

Sometimes in pink and others in white
This rose is a welcome summer sight.

Also known as the briar of fairytales
Up hedges and trees it often scales.

Its beauty is there for all to see
From you or I, to the smallest bee.

Thistles, with added cuckoo spit - in which a little grub exists.

If you want to see the insects found down the country lane