It is May 2020 and we are still in lockdown with Covid19. Fortunately the weather could not have been better - sunshine every day.

Bunbury Church

Green Dock Beetle

This is the first time I have ever seen a pregnant dock beetle.

The initial reaction on discovering its name was to make sure it was on a dock leaf.

It wasn't the easiest of creatures to photograph as they are tiny - only 4-6mm in size! This one was half way down a massive dock leaf.

This plant is a broad leaved dock, and down the lane where I took this image these were nowhere near the nettles! Where is a dock leaf when you need it?

I saw this mayfly down a lane where damselflies are often found, which is close to a nature reserve.
Not that it has always been one, but is adjacent to an ancient pathway trodden since medieval times. All within a few minutes walk of this mayfly's domain.

Before kindly landing on this grass stem, this weird but fascinating creature was 'bobbing' up and down around where I was standing awaiting the return of a banded demoiselle.

It is amazing how long its tails are compared with the size of the rest of its body.

I always thought that mayflies swarmed during their mating but this one appeared to be alone. Though it was close to evening, and perhaps after a busy day he'd looked for somewhere quiet to rest a while - who knows.

Bunbury Lock

Small Tortoishell Caterpillers

A difficult shot to get, hidden deep within a patch of nettles.

Swirling as though one huge being. Too large now for the webbing they built. Now they'll be off to create another communal place to live.

Small tortoishell larvae always stay together and creating another place together. Once large enough they will separate - going their own ways to pupate.

A Single Small Tortoishell Caterpillar

I love this image - with the aphid by its side.
 rhyme traveller bud

Skipper Butterfly

A bright coloured skipper
With big brown eyes
There in the bush vetch
Some pollen he spies.

Then hanging upside down
As though an orange bat
So that lovely sweetness
He can now get at!

The Red Headed Cardinal Beetle

 rhyme traveller bud

Common Green Shield Bug

If this shield bug had been a little more amenable to posing facing me, then I am sure this image would have been more appealing.
Alas, he was too busy hurrying along this cow parsley stem.

If he hadn't flown passed my head, there is every likelihood I would not have seen him, with such attire blending in so well.